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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  December 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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and across fairfax county. captioned by the national captioning institute abc7 breaking news. breaking news from north east tonight. is where an attack leads man into shoot a northeast. tonightolmes is live with the late-breaking details from d.c. police chief cathy
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lanier. >> the shooting happened a short ago down the terrace. police responding to the call of pcp with a gun. police say they rushed to the scene when they had a call that a gunman was shooting and homes clay terrace. this man did not want to show and he said he heard gunshots and then saw the police officers. heard at least 20. and then you came around. yes. police officers surrounding him with flashlights. he said there were way too many gunshots fired. cathy lanier says that the came face-n scene, to-face with the gunman. he continued to fire.
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the officers fired their weapons the suspect, and he went down. now, the gunman has not been but people who live iran here said he also lived in the neighborhood. he was taken to a nearby hospital in very critical condition. horace holmes, abc7 news. thank you. and fairfax county, a man is head inee times in the reston. jay korff is live there now with witnesses and neighbors are saying tonight. jay? >> that victim was shot multiple times just behind me on that sidewalk. the while, children were in the neighborhood. about what isd going on. was a brazen daytime
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murder. residents recounted the horror that unfolded here. i hope this never happens again. authorities to say that around 4:15 p.m., a man killed. and a woman who lived nearby tried the victim.t revive she tried to help them. she was walking around in shock. she was there as he took his last breath. that was pretty upsetting. she started crying. there is nothing in the for a person to deserve being shot. one man said the victim was a childhood friend. he was a nice guy though. is sad that they had to take his life like that. may god be with him, and rest in peace. knowing that children were outside. it is ridiculous, kids around
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there. gone inets could have there. authorities believe that up to three suspects targeted the victim. at this hour, there is no motive. jay korff, abc7 news. new at 11:00, route 50 in is back openy crash shut down the road. for hours, newschopper 7 was the scene. the collision sent a mixture a nearby wooded area, nl, that mixer will the scene overnight. some were taken at -- to hospitals. their conditions are not known tonight. and we turn to the deadly shooting at virginia tech, as the honored the life of murdered police officer during funeral. i think it is quite safe for
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to say that none of us wanted be here. we would have preferred that we been anywhere else would still be with us. went to honor him. he was shot and killed this past thursday before the suspect shot himself. there is more on our wjla facebook page. "says that, in such a waste. what is happening to our society?" toread more of these or thoughts, just good to race fore turn to the president. mitt romney makes no apologies politico about his proposed 10,000 dollar bed to texas
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governor rick perry during the debate. it is an outrage that he raising it, and i put in a table. number on the my wife said afterwards, "mitt, things well, but not one of them. >> mitt romney spent today in new hampshire as he tries to get the primaryt for for thext month, and as current gop front runner, newt he debated jon huntsman in a lincoln-douglas style debate in manchester. he is meeting its competitors in new hampshire. earlier in the day, newt gingrich held a town hall the town of londonderry. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, money and the women who make a lot of it. and men and female breadwinners.
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[ male announcer ] the citi thank you card. earn points you can use for travel on any airline, with no blackout dates. new at 11:00, university of maryland police released a video of three men shortly after they were say for an armed robbery. the university of maryland was walking into his apartment building when he was approached by two of these men. the student was not harmed. police say that they used his card at a nearby convenience store. are learning about a plan down on flash moms all across maryland. there were high-profile in montgomery county. stephen tschida is at the scene
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attacks on the proposal and the broader impact. steven? this proposal is getting a very response. even some people at this 7- who were hit by a flash jon, do not necessarily think it a good idea. the crimes that led to a on flash jon that. andy's storming 7-elevens with hundreds of in goodies. they need to do something. they could kick them out of the when they come in. a montgomery county delegate proposing legislation to put participants in these behind bars. essentially, whoever gets even if it is just one the many, will be responsible for everything that is stolen. this 7-eleven clerk and victim does noth mob hit
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think that harsh penalties are necessary. they are young, you know? they are not limited to montgomery county. in d.c., they are investigating keepecurity measures to of criminal kids away. one person seen here try to flash jon stealing spree the penalty,ugher the better. this is how i make my money. when people start to take that have to dod they time? yes. they should have to do a lot of time. the proposal to crack down flash models that will be annapolis during next legislative session -- to crack down on flash mobs. get anight, lady gaga region.o our and men looking for a sugar
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mama. more ok's than ever with that idea. and accusers get ready to just hours, but there questions in the case. and i am bob ryan in the belfort furniture weather
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this was a tense standoff in california, as occupy wallith street protesters. on thealled wall street waterfront. they also blast -- blocked traffic in san francisco and also anchorage, alaska. now, to the scandal at penn state. expected to are about the sexual abuse case. sandusky will appear in court tomorrow. for weeks now, the only ward heard about what
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been at sandusky. he denies everything. but tomorrow, in this small-town 10 miles from penn we will hear from the actual accusers as they testify oath at a preliminary where a judge will whether this case more it's going to trial. there is the only adult witness attack on a child sandusky. the eve of the preliminary questions have arisen actually saw he the shower atn or simply grand jury heard it. and local paper is reporting a close personal friend has testified that at the time he that therepeatedly sounded like an contact.te this is what the legendary coach heome -- joe paterno said
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heard and what police were immediately called. someone to give the coach and vindication. i think it was a very hasty decision. the actual hearing will be in the county courthouse. more than 1300 people entered a raffle for 250 to see the testimony of five of the now adult accusers. they say they are eager to hear them and not just weeks. i would like to see the evidence and hear about all of that stuff. i want the truth to come out. not everyone is so eager. this is exam week, and they say on tests and nothing else. i am tired of it in the news. this is the courthouse we share a view at the outset. is a small town, but it is being absolutely taken over
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tonight by the press. across the street and a part of have been closed down as trucks moving in. this begins at 8:30 in the morning. in pennsylvania, brad bell, abc7 news. be there allll and we will have of what happens in court. not miss our newscasts and on new at 11:00, it appears that the mother knows best. seven out of 10 men do not have their wiveswith than they do.ney a magazine says most are actually happy with the idea. the finding shows 45% of men are to be househusband's if there significant other earns more money. and governor martin o'malley and wife could have lady gaga at dinner table. the governory and
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to an event. he says he wants to see her. she recently went to the white about bullying, which apparently prompted this invite. and whoever she ends up with, will be the breadwinner. you are so old fashioned. so weatherwise, it is cold. it is pleasant. light winds. big storms outside for the next to last-minute shoppers. our temperature outside now, having our lowest temperature that we have had back, as last winter, 37 degrees. we have had every week and a lot of sunshine. the record books. the last time we had any was back inain
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so what are you going do? this is a solid look at wintergreen. get out of the way. great snowmaking weather. of the skiers are out. this is how our day loves, just as the sun was setting. i will get out of the way for that, too. a beautiful, beautiful scene. our high temperature today just average, 46 degrees. even in minneapolis, the mid the country, no sign of bitter cold coming our way, we have this pattern, i will continue on into weekend with temperatures near average. even rapid city south dakota 20 degrees, so here pattern.erall the jet stream well to our north. thatsoessure on more what we will see is same. clear nights, and then sunday, pleasantly chilly days. overnight, during the early
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temperatures will be dropping. i think once again for you folks shenandoah valley, winchester, spots like that, probably into the high teens. sterling, out near dulles, down degrees, a cold morning to with and a lot of sunshine. clouds begin to show up as into late tuesday and but the weather front a few lonesome showers. when you go out to work or the morning, atperature 34 degrees sunrise. is getting a bit later. tomorrow, i call it pleasantly chilly with light winds, a lot of sunshine, so tomorrow you on the sunny side of the street. the solar energy still helps. and then later in the week, the and thends come in, it will do anything at chance of showers on he and another area of
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pressure comes in. more dry weather coming our way, and because it is monday, once the weekend right now looks sunni and chilly. it looks pretty nice. talking about the weekend on monday. doing a good job. yes. that is what sports is, an illusion. the season nears. of nfl coaches are and wait until you hear shanahan says about the team captain. shanahan says about the team captain. it
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the toyota sports desk, localt to you by your dealers. >> i thought mike shanahan was serious and sobering
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talking about new england,oss to and there was reared -- real disappointment when he talked about hall. unsportsmanlike. in this one, he refused to get involved in the tackle. let the other rambled down the sidelines. i was disappointed. one of the things usually does is finished. a lot of corners do not like to tackle. he is one of the more physical guys in the league. know he was embarrassed by it, as the football team. got to finish, because that happen. good point. the nba season debuts christmas day. planet exhibition game against in the phone booth. the wizards have added a few nice pieces. giving some debt. i had a long talk with a player tonight, and he is excited to have mason jr. back.
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another veteran that has been around the league. coming back, i was one of the young guys. i am coming back here. i have learned a lot since i and hopefully i can come here and teach these guys some things. a playoff the last five years, i to keep that up. on-again-off- the again trade is back on. there was a deal to the clippers that fell apart, collapsed, and is renewedere interest, so momentum is growing. send one player to the and this is a story, so i will keep posted. playing the flyers tomorrow in the fund with, and the penguins are having difficulties, with crosby out. the 24-year-old m.v.p. past the test, some medically, he
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not have a concussion, but body tells him he has these symptoms again. he is not taking any chances, so out indefinitely. and two coaches were fired. >> you are full of bad news. good stuff in there. we will be right back.
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